Grow Your Painting Business by A Factor of 10 With These 5 Steps

Do you want to expand your painting business but don’t know where to begin?

It’s challenging to determine where to put your time and money or what measures to take. However, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will help you 10X your painting company.

Part 1 of 5: Implement A Follow Up System

Step 1 – Implement A Follow-Up System So Your Potential Clients See You Over and Over

Did you realize that just 3% of your market is ready to buy from you at any time?

This suggests that 97% of the individuals who see your advertisement will require a bit more time. Every day, your average consumer is exposed to around 10,000 marketing communications.

What are the possibilities that your marketing message will stand out among the 10,000 that your client is exposed to (particularly if they have never heard of you)?

In order to make an informed purchase choice, your potential clients will often need to see and hear from you many times. This is why you must CONTINUE TO FOLLOW-UP. In fact, according to a Google study from 2011, a customer requires 7 hours of engagement over 11 touch points in four places.

Let’s take a look at that in more detail. You (or your marketing) must interact with (or be seen by) your prospective client 11 times. Snail mail, videos, ads, phone calls, emails, or anything else that brings you in front of them can be used.

Then, these 11 exchanges must take place across four different online locations. This implies you can’t always call or send an email. You must increase the number of places where people may see you. You must be “everywhere” your customers are. As a result, adding to phone or email, Text, Facebook Ads, YouTube, the Google Display Network, LinkedIn, and other platforms is a good idea. Consider where your clients commonly are when accomplishing this task.

Finally, these touches must provide around 7 hours of interaction. To put it another way, you want a prospect to spend roughly 7 hours thinking about you. This is when having video comes in handy. Customer testimonials are excellent advertisements for a house painting company. It lets others “toot your horn” for you so you don’t have to.

A downloadable document with information about your organization, examples of your previous work, before and afters, and testimonials are other wonderful interaction pieces. You may share this on your website or through social media.

How To Implement A Great Customer Follow-Up System – Set Up A 3×3 Contact Matrix

First and foremost, automation is your friend. Don’t be afraid of technology because it appears to be complicated. It will be worthwhile in the long run.

So, what’s the first thing you’ll need to do?

Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system like GoHighLevel, CorkCRM, or Keap to get started. In the long term, it will more than pay for itself in the time that you save and the clients that you gain.

You’ll need to create a 3×3 contact matrix in your CRM. As soon as a potential customer inquires about your services, you want to follow up with them by phone call, text, and email. If you don’t hear back from them within three days, try again. Do it again in 5 days if they don’t reply or engage. This means that you’ll have nine encounters with people on three distinct platforms.

“What if they become angry or tell us it’s too much?” is a typical concern expressed by painters.

They are not going to.  Remember, they were the ones who contacted you first. It will be appreciated if you provide them with as much information as possible to help them make an informed selection when hiring a home painter.  Providing additional information about working with you and your company should not be a deterrent.

“What should I say in these emails, messages, and phone calls?” is another regular question we hear.

  • CALLS: The calls can just be follow-ups following the first contact for an estimate, as most painting companies are accustomed to.
  • TEXTS: The texts should be brief messages requesting a response in order to keep people engaged. This is also a good time to offer a special deal that they can only receive if they respond. Keep these short, sweet, and to-the-point.
  • EMAILS: Emails are where you can truly shine and promote your business. Send them more details about what it’s like working with your company. Do you have a video testimonial? This is the ideal time to share it with them. Do you provide anything truly unique in your area, such as a guarantee or a special technique? Share it here.

People buy with their emotions and justify their purchases with logic. To get people emotionally involved, use these 9 points of contact. Then provide them the facts to back up their decision.

How To Implement A Great Customer Follow-Up System – Play The Follow Game

Have you ever looked at a toaster on Amazon and then realized you’re seeing it everywhere? The same principles should be applied to your painting business.

The Facebook pixel and the Google cookie are two tools that can be used to accomplish this.

Install them on your website (and make sure their use is included in your terms and conditions), and they’ll start tracking your website visits. You may now show Facebook advertising to people who have visited certain pages on your website. In a similar way, you may utilize the Google cookie.  This allows you to retarget all website visitors with ads for your house painting business!

Using Video Ads is another approach to interact with people several times based on their previous browsing activity. Create a series of three videos in which you respond to typical questions about hiring home painters. Use the questions that potential clients ask you all of the time. These videos don’t have to be formal or expensive to be effective. 

This can be accomplished using a video that was filmed with a cell phone or tablet.  Just make sure that you have decent lighting, so they can see your face!

Use these three videos to reach a large audience on Facebook. You’re going to use them to screen people out. Then, in a follow-up, market your services to those who have watched at least 25% of one of your videos.

Why just 25% of a video?

Because no one will watch a video on frequently asked questions about house painting unless they are looking to paint their home. This is a fantastic technique to narrow down your target audience and show your call to action to interested parties.

This strategy may be used on YouTube as well.

How To Implement A Great Customer Follow-Up System – Advertise on Multiple Platforms

You must promote on various platforms in order to be “everywhere.”

Google Ads is a fantastic tool that allows you to promote your business on Google, YouTube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network (GDN). The GDN enables your ads to appear on websites where Google has leased space. Google lets you choose the sort of website “lease” you wish to rent. As a house painting business, Home Improvement or Home Decorating sites can be a smart place to start.

Side note – you may want to avoid the “DIY” categories.

Facebook Ads are another wonderful way to target certain audiences with various sorts of advertising. Videos outperform static ads, so start filming!  Don’t be afraid to let your potential clients put a face to the name of your business.

Depending on the type of work you do, LinkedIn advertising may be able to assist you in reaching out to certain professionals.  This typically tends to help with commercial work contracts.

How To Implement A Great Customer Follow-Up System – Let’s Look At An Example

To really illustrate how powerful just this one step is, let’s look at an example painting business, ABC Painting.

Let’s say that ABC Painting gets 60 leads per month, their close rate is 15% and the average painting project in their area is $5,000.  This means that they will get 9 clients and the company will gross $45,000 per month.

If you implement the follow up systems discussed above, you will increase your leads by about 60%.

To use the numbers above, this means that instead of 60 leads, ABC Painting will now have 96 leads per month.  They will close on 15% of them, which is 14 clients and the company will now gross $70,000.

See, the CRM really will pay for itself…

Keep reading to learn how to double your leads!

Part 2 of 5: Double Your Number Of Leads Today

If you want to expand your painting business, you must commit to taking the steps to grow. By just doubling your leads (at the very least), you will have more work coming in than ever before.

This is when things become a little complicated and people get confused.

“How exactly do I double the leads for my painting business?” is a commonly asked question.

The honest answer is that you should try a variety of options and find what works best for you and your company. Lead tracking strategies will be required in order to determine what is working and what is not.  This will tell you where exactly to spend your marketing budget.

Let’s go over a couple methods (or combinations of methods) for doubling your leads.

Marketing Tactics To Try To 2X Your House Painting Leads

Marketing Tactic 1 For Painting Companies – Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, as indicated in Part 1, may be an efficient strategy to attract new clients. 

Because video outperforms photos, make sure you record a number of short videos at your next job site.  Most clients will be ecstatic to have their house transformation featured.

You’ll need to make two video sets. Videos that do the following should be included in Set 1:

  • Provide an answer to a frequently asked question about home painting.
  • Talk about getting a house ready to paint.
  • Discuss why and when to paint certain areas.
  • Discuss how the weather affects the painting process.

Video set 1 should consist of videos that people would watch solely if they were considering painting their interiors, exteriors, cabinets, or other surfaces.

Set 2 of the video should introduce your company and explain why they should hire you. The following should be included in these videos:

  • Showing off the quality of your work
  • Awesome before and after shots
  • How tidy you keep the work area
  • Anything else that makes your stand out

Set 2 videos should also have a call to action for them to contact you or make an appointment.

Schedule Video Set 1 to individuals in your region. The following options are typically recommended to get your Facebook targeting a bit more specific:

Age – 40+

Gender – Female (Women tend to make the household buying decisions)

Radius – Within 20 (or 30) miles of your business

The radius should really reflect how far you are willing to travel for house painting projects.

You’ll want to schedule Video Set 2 after Video Set 1 has been running for a few days. Only those who have seen at least 25% of one of the videos from Set 1 should be shown these videos. This way, you know you’re reaching out to people who are at least considering painting their home.

If you have the Facebook Pixel set up correctly, you can also show Video Set 2 to users who have visited your website.

Marketing Tactic 2 For Painting Companies – Google Ads

Google Ads may be a powerful tool for generating online leads. In fact, we’ve seen leads for companies we’ve worked with come in for less than $50 per lead. When it comes to the settings, though, Google Ads can be a little complex.  This complexity typically leads to mistakes and can cost a painting business money if they are not careful.

Let’s look at some of the most frequent Google Ad “gotchas.”

First, you must choose the type of advertisement you wish to run:

  • Search Ads are the text ads that you see at the top of the results page, before the map and the organic results
  • Display Ads are the image ads that you see across the web when browsing

Although both types of ads have advantages, you should never create a Search Ad that also targets the Display Network or vice versa.

Second, double-check that you’re utilizing keywords in the way you intended.

Google has multiple types of keywords:

  • Broad match
  • Phrase match
  • Exact match

According to Google, a broad match keyword is one that “may show on searches that are related to your keyword, which can include searches that don’t contain the keyword terms”

One of your keywords, for example, may be House Painters In My Area. However, those hunting for famous painters or automobile painters may see your ad.

Rule #1 of not overpaying for Google Ads – DO NOT USE BROAD MATCH KEYWORDS.

Google defines a phrase match keyword as one where “ads may show on searches that include the meaning of your keyword”.  To denote a phrase match keyword, you’ll need to put it in quotes.

To use the example above, you would define one of your keywords as “House Painters In My Area”.  Now, if someone entered in that term, your ad would appear. It may also appear if someone types in “Painters Near Me” or “House Painting Near Me.”

These are acceptable keywords (as long as you have a good negative keyword list, which we will discuss in a few moments).

Exact match keywords are the last type of keyword from Google. You put the keyword phrase in square brackets to indicate this.  Google defines these as “Ads will show on searches that have the same meaning or same intent as the keyword.”

This type of keyword gives you the most control over when your ad appears, but it also restricts the number of people who see it. In the previous example, you would type [House Painters In My Area] as one of your keywords. Then, when someone types in this phrase or anything extremely close, such as the same words in a different sequence, your ad will appear.  One example of this would be someone typing “House Painters My Area” into the search bar.

You’ll also want to make a list of negative keywords after you’ve entered your keywords. This is a list of terms and phrases that you input into Google Ads that informs them not to show my ad if this word appears in a search phrase. It allows you to filter out buyers who aren’t qualified.

Good negative keywords to use for your painting company:

  • Any painting or store brand, like “Home Depot” or “Behr”
  • “How To” or “How Much” (People searching these phrases are typically in the education phase of their searching and aren’t looking to purchase yet)
  • Automobile, car, auto etc.
  • Boat
  • Bicycle
  • Paint and Sip
  • Face Paint
  • Etc.

Put any terms or phrases that come to mind that are linked with painting but aren’t related to home painting on the list.

Finally, double-check that your keywords correspond to what you state in your advertisements, and that the landing pages you lead visitors to correspond to your ads. This is known as “Ad Congruity.” 

For example, if you utilize the term “house painter” in your keywords and ads, make sure the page they are directed to emphasizes that you are a “house painter.”  In fact, “house painter” should occur in your H1 header and your page title.

DO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR ADS TO YOUR HOME PAGE! This is a significant, costly error that we see a lot of painting companies make.  When people get sent to the home page, they don’t know what action you want them to take.  A confused mind never buys, so be explicit in what you want all of your prospects to do.

Some Other Marketing Tactics For Painting Businesses 

We wanted to review a few tactics in depth in this article.  However, there are tons of other tactics to try, like:

  • Door hangers
  • YouTube ads
  • Radio ads
  • Appear on Podcasts
  • Networking
  • Find non-competing partners
  • SEO
  • TV
  • Get featured on the local news
  • And more!

Always Important to Remember – Measure Your Results

You must measure your results to determine which approach or tactics performed best. Call tracking is one technique used to accomplish this. For each tactic type, use a different phone number to determine which one generates the most leads. One vendor that provides this service and makes it simple to set up is CallRail.  You get 10 phone numbers included with the basic account and the cost is less than $50/month.

You might want to attempt one tactic every month, though seasonality may have an impact on the results…or you can try them all at once!

To separate them out, each ad might be sent to a different landing page. Then you’d be able to tell which ad was the most effective according to your website’s analytics.

You just want to make sure that everything is measured, regardless of how you go about it.  Once you know your metrics, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one!  It’s best to eliminate the duds though.

Let’s Return To Our Example Company With Double The Leads For Our Painting Business

Again, let’s see how powerful doubling the number of leads that we bring in actually is.

Remember, ABC Painting started with $45,000 monthly gross revenue.  Then, we implemented a follow-up system, which will increase the leads by about 60%.  This took the gross monthly revenue to $70,000.

Now, through the tactics discussed in this article, we have doubled our leads from 96 to 160 192 per month.

If that 15% close rate remains, this will result in 29 new clients and a monthly gross income of $145,000!  We have already more than tripled the revenue using just 2 steps of this proven system!

Part 3 of 5: Work On Increasing The Closing Rate For Your Painting Business

Have you ever heard someone say – “People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to?”

I beg to differ. That statement is simply false. People like both buying AND being sold to.  However, it has to be presented to them correctly with a certain mindset.

The important thing is that they need to have a quality sales experience. They’ll be delighted to be sold to!

What Exactly Constitutes A Great Sales Experience

As an example, think about buying a car.  

When you go to buy a new BMW or Mercedes Benz, the salesmen in their luxurious offices offer you endless Starbucks and snacks. You get to relax in a beautiful lounge while the cars you wish to test drive are being prepared. Typically, you’ll be able to go out for a long test drive to check out all of the car’s features. Then, for the following months after you buy the car, you get fun small additions in the mail. They may even invite you to special track events where you will get the opportunity to drive souped-up cars.

Let’s compare this to purchasing a new Honda. You begin by entering a bare-bones sales floor and taking a number. When it’s your time, you’ll receive a 10-minute test drive during which the salesperson will go through the features briefly. You’re taken into a regular cubicle and the contract is placed in front of you when you return to the dealership.  This isn’t meant to knock Honda, it’s just how they operate.

Although both automobiles will get you from point A to point B, which sales experience would you prefer? Most people, I believe, would agree that the BMW/Mercedes experience is preferable.

Selling Is A Process

The easiest way to get a client is for them to know, like and trust you.  You can begin this process even before someone requests a quote from you or calls you on the phone.

As indicated in step one of this series, create a set of videos that answer frequent questions that you receive from clients all the time.  You may also create videos that answer the most common objections you get from individuals who don’t hire you.

Then, promote these videos to your target audience on Facebook. Before they even contact you for a quote, they’ll get to know, like, and trust you.


Because you have provided value to them and demonstrated your expertise in the painting field without coming off as pushy. These videos serve as the initial stage of your sales pitch (and they don’t require much of your time). You want people to see you again and again. As a result, you establish yourself in their mind as the go-to painting company in the area.

BONUS TIP: Testimonial videos are a terrific method to build trust with potential clients while also showcasing your work without having to brag!

You’ve already gotten the hard part out of the way when someone calls you for a quote after seeing your videos. They know, like, and trust you because of your videos… and Individuals like to buy from people they like. It becomes a lot easier for you to seal the deal.

“Selling” Is A Dirty Word

“Sales” or “Selling” has recently earned a bad rap. You may immediately think of shady used car salesmen or worse. It just carries a negative connotation.

However, keep in mind that when you sell someone a quality house painting project, you are definitely helping them.

Perhaps you’re assisting them with painting their kitchen cabinets in order to increase their asking price when they sell their home. Perhaps you’re painting their house exterior and assisting them with weatherproofing for the winter. Perhaps you’re assisting a family in having a wonderful holiday in their newly painted living room.

Whatever the situation may be, you are assisting others in achieving positive goals. They are in a better position than they were previously! Remember this the next time you’re trying to close a deal. You should be in a completely different mindset than “straight sales”, which will help your close rate.

Increase Your Closing Percentage

Create a positive sales experience for customers that begins even before they contact your company. Your closing rate should more than double if you follow the advice above.

Let’s Return To Our Example Company With Double The Close Rate For Our Painting Business

Remember, ABC Painting started with $45,000 monthly gross revenue.  Then, we implemented a follow-up system, which will increase the leads by about 60%.  This took the gross monthly revenue to $70,000 with a close rate of 15%.

Next, we doubled our leads from 96 to 192 per month using the tactics in Step 2 of this article  This resulted in 29 new clients and a monthly gross income of $145,000.  

Now, if we can double the close rate from 15% to 30%, we will have 58 clients per month with a monthly gross income of $290,000!  This is more than 6X the starting monthly revenue and we have 2 more steps to go!

Continue reading to learn about adding a special upsell that will score you some high-ticket clients right away!

Part 4 of 5: Create a Premium Service Offering To Upsell Your Top Clients

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule or the Pareto principle?

It states that “80 Percent of Your Results Come from 20 Percent of Your Efforts, and 20 Percent of Your Results Come from The Other 80 Percent.” 

This rule also applies to your customers. In most cases, 20% of your clients account for 80% of your income. Let’s apply the 80/20 rule to the top 20% of your clientele. 4 % of your clients account for 64% of your income.

So, what does this mean?

There will always be a tiny group of individuals at the top who are willing to pay a premium price.

Are you giving them that opportunity?

There will always be at least 5-10% of your clients that are willing to pay a higher price for a premium level of service.

A premium service will be superior to the services you now provide in terms of quality, speed, and ease…

It will also cost 2-3 times as much.

To create your premium service offer, you need to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. What can you do to offer a better painting service than other companies?
  2. What can you do to be faster than other companies?
  3. How can you make your process easier than other companies?

Let’s look at a few examples for each question…

What can you do to offer a better painting service than other companies?

Take the time it generally takes you to finish a work and reduce it by 30% or more if possible to provide a speedier service. Offer kitchen cabinets painted and re-installed in a week (obviously kitchen size matters, so there can be a disclaimer). Offer rooms completed in a single day which are of high quality. 

When you provide a faster service, it definitely sets you apart from the competition.  People are always willing to pay a premium for speed as it lessens the inconvenience to them.

How can you make the painting process easier than other companies?

You have a variety of premium alternatives to offer, starting with the sales process. You may FaceTime someone as soon as they contact you and give them an estimate right away. As the first quote, this also puts you ahead of your competitors and allows them to put a face to your name.

You could offer a free hotel stay or a mini vacation (of course included in the price) while you work on their home. They don’t have to deal with the mess or upheaval…and you don’t have to deal with them as a bonus. This is something that a lot of companies do. Travel companies can provide you with excellent group prices.

If they have pets, you may pay pet sitters to take care of them while you are working in their home. There will be no accidents, and the pets will not be exposed to an unfamiliar situation.

Consider the problems that you are creating by painting their house and give remedies to develop your premium service.

How To Present The Premium Painting Offerings

Include premium services in your proposal. People enjoy having options, but not too many. People are more likely to make a purchase when given fewer options, according to research conducted in 2000. When it comes to premium services, just provide 2-3 selections at most.

This also makes individuals who choose your standard pricing feel like they got a great “deal” on your service. 

Let’s Return To Our Example Company With A Premium Offering For Our Painting Business

Remember, ABC Painting started with $$45,000 monthly gross revenue.  Then, we implemented a follow-up system, which will increase the leads by about 60%.  This took the gross monthly revenue to $70,000 with a close rate of 15%.

Next, we doubled our leads from 96 to 192 per month using the tactics in Step 2 of this series.  This resulted in 29 new clients and a monthly gross income of $145,000.  

Then, we doubled the close rate from 15% to 30%, which gave us 58 clients per month with a monthly gross income of $290,000.

Now, if we add a premium offering at $14,000 that 10% of our clients choose – we’ll have 192 leads per month with a 30% close rate.  That gives us 58 clients.  90% of them, 52 clients, choose the regular offering at $5,000 and 10% of them, 6 clients, choose the premium offering at $14,000.  This gives us a total revenue for the month of $344,000.

This is an increase of 7.6X

Read on to step 5 where we will talk about being the irresistible option, which allows you to charge what you want!

Part 5 of 5: Increase Your Pricing By Being THE GUY (or Girl)

Are you hesitant to increase your pricing for painting jobs?

The majority of painters are…

But you shouldn’t be, because competing solely on price is inherently bad. You only have 2 options: be the highest or the lowest. It won’t matter if you’re the second or third cheapest in town.

When you’re the cheapest, you’re also implying a low-quality component. Typically, the cheapest services are never the best. You don’t want your painting company to be associated with that stigma!

People will pay your prices, no matter what they are, if you are the most in-demand painter in town.

So, how can you become the town’s most sought-after painter? 

You become the most well-known, well-liked, and well-trusted person. You can accomplish this using the videos, content, and Facebook ads we talked about in Step 1. 

People in your neighborhood already know, like, and trust you because you provide information and value through your videos and articles. They are aware that you are an expert in your field and have seen proof of this.

As a result, when it’s time to hire a painter, they’ll think of you first. In fact, there’s a high possibility they won’t shop around at all. They will need to hire you because you’re the one they can trust with their home.

When this occurs, they will gladly pay whatever you ask… and because you are offering value and outstanding service, you can surely charge at least 50% more than you are charging today. You’ll receive the same number of clients and make more money.

Let’s Return To Our Example Company With A Premium Offering For Our Painting Business

Remember, ABC Painting started with $45,000 monthly gross revenue.  Then, we implemented a follow-up system, which will increase the leads by about 60%.  This took the gross monthly revenue to $70,000 with a close rate of 15%.

Next, we doubled our leads from 96 to 192 per month using the tactics in Step 2 of this series.  This resulted in 29 new clients and a monthly gross income of $145,000.  

Then, we doubled the close rate from 15% to 30%, which gave us 58 clients per month with a monthly gross income of $290,000.

In step 4, we added a premium offering at $14,000 that 10% of our clients chose, resulting in 90% of our new monthly clients (52) with the regular offering at $5,000 and 6 of them at $14,000.  This gives us a total revenue for the month of $344,000.

Finally, in this step, we are going to increase the regular pricing by 50%.  The 90% of our monthly clients (52) will now be at $7,500 and 10% of our monthly clients (6) will be at $14,000.  This gives us an end result of $474,000 for the monthly gross income.  

We have just 10X’d your monthly revenue in 5 easy steps!

BONUS Tip: Increasing Your Recurring Revenue For Your Painting Business

Would you like to start each year knowing that you have at least $500,000 on the books?

You should be able to depend on at least 10% of your previous year’s clients to have a job for you in the current year or suggest you to someone who has a comparable job.

You want to stay “top of mind” for them in order to ensure that they remember you. There are a few options to stay in front of your current customers.

First and foremost, send out a monthly email newsletter. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it shouldn’t be only focused on your business. Send out some monthly useful advice that would apply to your ideal customer, much like your videos and social content.

For example, if you were a painter in Virginia, September or October would be ideal for sending out an email with recommendations on weatherproofing your deck.

IFTS offers a service that does this automatically for painters for under $300 per month, so it pays for itself if you get just one repeat client.

Turning current clients into a Facebook audience is another way to stay in front of them. You just enter your customer list into the Facebook audience wizard. Then you can be sure to put helpful videos and articles in front of them on a regular basis via Facebook.

Note: You can use this audience to create a lookalike audience to send videos and fresh content to via Facebook Ads.

A final way to get in front of current customers to send them something via snail mail.  Most businesses will send Christmas cards or something similar, but this will not set you apart from the competition. We recommend picking a holiday that most other businesses ignore, such as St. Patrick’s Day. Send them a “We’re Lucky To Have You As A Customer” card and see how many people come back to you!

By staying “top of mind”, you should see at least a 10% repeat from the year before.

If you followed the 5 step process that we discussed, you’d have a monthly revenue of at least $474,000…which is over $5 MILLION DOLLARS annually.  So, if you have at least 10% of the people from last year hire you this year, you will start off knowing you have over $500,000 already on the books.

Ready To Get Started, But Want Some Help?

IFTS, Inc. can help your painting business implement these systems and more!  Click the link below to schedule a meeting to get started or call us at 412.715.6266!

In Case You Missed It – The Most Popular Marketing Articles from IFTS From 2021

Every type of business requires its own set of marketing methods. Whether your painting company is just getting started or is ramping up to meet ambitious growth targets, you’ll need a comprehensive marketing approach to get you there. Your painting company’s growth may become stagnant if you don’t have one, which isn’t where you want to be!

In this article, we are going to recap our top five most popular blog posts from 2021. For more information on any of these topics, be sure to check out the full article or corresponding YouTube video for each topic!

As a painting company, it’s critical that all of your customers, particularly those in your immediate neighborhood, are aware of your existence and can locate you if they need your services. This is referred to as local marketing.

A painting firm can advertise directly to the specific location where it operates through local marketing.

Painting companies who use local marketing methods can attest to the increase in business that comes with it. Here are a few of the advantages you can’t afford to overlook:

  1. Target customers based on their interests
  2. Low-cost
  3. Your business will appear in local search
  4. Lasting business relations
  5. Branding and brand control
  6. Scaling your business
  7. Accessible booking
  8. Keeping track of marketing efforts

Implementing a well-thought-out local marketing plan may help any painting company develop significantly.

Read the full article on this topic where we dive into these 8 benefits of local marketing for painting companies and why you should start implementing these strategies today.

If you want your business to stand out from your competition and you want to dominate local search, you need to focus on developing a system that will generate a consistent stream of positive online reviews for your company.

When someone in your neighborhood searches for a company like yours, you need to appear first in the organic search results and be the obvious pick. 

Google considers internet reviews when determining organic ranking. Quantity, quality, frequency of delivery, and product/service keywords will all be taken into consideration. Then they’ll look at the same thing for your competitors. To appear higher in the rankings, it is critical that your company outperforms its competition in each of these areas.

Here are 10 ways to get more reviews, improve your local search visibility, and boost your company’s online presence.

  1. Create a “Review Generation Strategy” to get reviews on all of the sites that matter to your clients.
  2. Ask your 5-Star Reviewers for referrals
  3. Train your employees to ask for reviews 
  4. Use feedback forms proactively to stop negative online reviews and comments 
  5. Respond to every review to build trust with future prospects and increase your online authority 
  6. Request online reviews from your happiest customers
  7. Ask your 5-Star Reviewers to leave reviews on multiple platforms (or on video) 
  8. Make collecting customer emails part of your onboarding process 
  9. Use SMS texts to request reviews 
  10. You can use incentives, but be cautious with the rules

The value of internet reviews and keeping track of your online reputation is critical to your company’s success.

To read more about these 10 ways to get more online reviews, visit our full article where we dive into the details on how to consistently get multiple positive reviews while improving your visibility online.

Did you know that on mobile alone, YouTube reaches more people in the 18-49 demographic than any American cable television network?

Here are three easy steps to set up your YouTube channel for your painting business!

1. Sign in to YouTube

Go to and sign in using the sign in button in the upper right corner. If you already have a Google account, sign in with that email address and password.

Signing in to YouTube

2. Create Your Channel

In the top right corner of the screen, you will see your profile icon. Click on the circle icon and select “Create a Channel”.

How to create a YouTube channel

From this step, you will be prompted to choose your channel name and profile picture.

3. Customize Your Channel

In this step of creating your YouTube channel, you will focus on making your channel welcoming to visitors. This will also help with your SEO.

Visit the customization tab in YouTube studio.

Customize YouTube channel

Here, you will see three tabs – layout, branding and basic info.


Under this tab, you may choose and manage what people will see when they visit your channel. When someone visits your channel, the main video they will see is the video spotlight. You can include a channel trailer for individuals who haven’t yet subscribed to your channel. This is just a short video showcasing what you do and what viewers may anticipate from your channel.


Under this tab, you can edit elements such as your profile picture and banner image. If you know what a Facebook cover photo is, a YouTube banner image is very similar. When someone views your YouTube channel, this banner will show at the top of the page.

Basic Info

You may update your channel name and description under the basic info tab, as well as add translations in other languages, links to sites you wish to share with your viewers (such as your company’s website), and contact information if you want people to email you with inquiries. Make sure to provide a link back to your business.

After making changes to any of these tabs, always be sure to hit the “publish” button to make your edits live on your channel.

To continue reading about how video marketing benefits your painting company, check out the full article here.

Do you find it difficult to find new customers online? If so, social media is your answer!

Painting companies have always depended heavily on word of mouth to gain new clients. While this is still a very relevant – and constructive – method of marketing, technology is allowing modern-day digital advertising to gain momentum. The Internet provides businesses with a variety of options for reaching a larger audience and maintaining control over their reputation. Social media is one such tool.

Social media platforms are more than places for business pages and profiles to be housed. They serve as hubs for individuals to interact, share their thoughts, make suggestions, and express their likes and dislikes – doesn’t that sound a lot like word-of-mouth marketing to you?

Let’s check out the top 5 social media platforms for painting businesses!

1. YouTube

This video-based platform offers areas for sharing photographs, going live with an audience when launching videos, and building a community. Do you want to demonstrate your painting abilities? Maybe you could provide a how-to video on how to paint like a pro? YouTube is your best bet if you want to go the video route.

2. Facebook

For all types of businesses, creating a Facebook Business Page is a top choice. It may be used to develop a range of content geared on attracting, nurturing, and retaining customers. You may use Facebook to publish text, images, videos, contests, and events, as well as create an ecommerce page where you can sell products/services or schedule appointments.

3. Instagram

Instagram has swiftly evolved into the easiest platform to advertise services to a younger target audience, as it attracts a younger demographic than Facebook. Who said that young people aren’t homeowners or that they don’t require painting services? Many individuals, especially DIYers, prefer to spend time on Instagram looking for new ways to spice up their homes.

This site supports photographs and short videos; utilizing the proper hashtags while uploading these will help you gain more followers than you think! The site also has a number of features that allow you to conduct surveys and polls, make lengthier videos, and share interesting content from within the platform.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for a formal way to interact with your audience. On Twitter, text material is restricted to 280 characters. As a result, if you need to send a lengthier message, you can start a thread or utilize alternative platforms.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn takes the cake when it comes to professionalism. It’s the only social networking site where formality reigns supreme. On LinkedIn, however, you won’t find many active business pages; rather, it’s the business owners and their staff that are more actively and continually seeking connections. On LinkedIn, B2B networking is a major deal.

Has the Apple iOS update affected your Facebook advertising this year? Now that Apple has implemented new privacy updates to iOS 14.3, users are actually able to see how each app uses their data. 

The most major change is that instead of asking customers to opt-out of having their data monitored, Apple will instead need them to opt-in to having their data tracked.

Facebook has been attempting to counter Apple’s claim that it will harm small companies. They took out newspaper ads, ran Facebook ads against it, and looked at other possibilities, but the rollout has already been in effect for a year. 

What happens when people opt out of being tracked?

When people opt out of being tracked, what does this mean for your Facebook ads?

You won’t be able to track online conversions from mobile users the same way you used to, and your retargeting audiences will shift or be missing iOS users.

What happens when they opt into being tracked?

Facebook has estimated that 10–15 percent of individuals will opt-in to being tracked. What does this mean for your Facebook Ads?

  • You won’t be able to retarget iOS website visitors anymore
  • You won’t be able to use the “Audiences” function to prevent your current clients from seeing your ads
  • Your conversion tracking numbers will become skewed

So, what can you do to limit the impact of this change?

In our full article, we cover steps that you can take to mitigate the damage to your Facebook ads caused by the iOS 14.3 change and how to overcome the main issues that result from limited tracking from the Facebook app.

Do You Need Help Marketing Your Painting Business?

Implementing a well-thought-out local marketing plan may help any painting company develop significantly. IFTS has helped a lot of companies boost their sales using the tactics mentioned in this article. Let us help you too!  Call 412.715.6266 or email to get started!

How To Create A Custom Audience On Facebook…And The 7 Audiences Every Business Needs To Create In 2022

Do you want to start using Facebook Ads more efficiently?  Are you utilizing the available data to advertise to your ideal clients?

If so, Facebook Custom Audiences are for you!  So, what exactly is a “Custom Audience”?

Well, Facebook defines a Custom Audience as: 

An ad targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among people who are on Facebook.

You can use sources like customer lists, website or app traffic, or engagement on Facebook, to create Custom Audiences of people who already know your business.

As of December 2021, you can create up to 500 of these audiences per account.

Once you create a custom audience, they can be used as the targets in Facebook Ads.  Think about how great it would be to remind your clients of a special deal that your company has going on without sending repetitive emails each time.  

These audiences will give your company a multi-pronged approach to your marketing plan.

In this article, we are going to cover seven audiences that every business will need when they use Facebook Ads in 2022.

Facebook Audience One – Your Clients

Obviously, the best set of people to advertise to in any business is your current clients.  They already know, like and trust you.  This makes any sale easier.
In fact, it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than keep an old one, so treat them like gold!

Step 1 – Create your list

To create this audience, your first step is to create a list of your current clients with their names, emails, and phone numbers (if available).  Save this list in a .csv file.  This list should contain at least 100 people.

You shouldn’t have to create this list by hand.  Most CRMs and mail automation programs have this exact step as an option.

Step 2 – Open The Facebook Audience Tool

Once you have your list created, go to  In the menu, go to “All Tools” and select the “Audiences” option.

Once you click on “Audiences”, it will open the “Audience” tool in a new tab on your browser.  This will display any audiences that you have created already.

Step 3 – Audience Creation Wizard

Click the “Create Audience” button on the left to get started.


In the drop-down, select the “Custom Audience” option.


Once “Custom Audience” is selected, this will open a new dialog box.  This box will allow you to choose the source of the custom audience.  In this case, you’ll select “Customer List” and click “Next”.


The next screen is a helpful explanation from Facebook that tells you exactly what information they will look for in your list.


Click “Next” when you are done reading it.

The next screen will ask if you are using a “Custom Value” column.  This is a more advanced technique that we will be covering in future blogs.  For now, we recommend selecting “No”, accepting the terms from Facebook and clicking “Next”.


In the next step, you can either upload the .csv file that you created of your clients, or you can copy and paste it in for Facebook.

In the example below, we uploaded our .csv file.  The file had four rows: email, first name, last name, phone number.  

Once the list is uploaded, you’ll want to name the audience something descriptive.  In the image, we named this audience “Client List for Company X”.


Side Note: There is a button “+ Description” that you can use as well.  This gives you an additional 100 characters to describe your audience if you’d like.  We would recommend using these descriptions once you start creating a lot of audiences and need more information to keep everything organized.

Click “Next” once you have completed both steps.

Facebook will review the data and attempt to identify the columns that you entered in the .csv file (or the pasted data).  If they can identify the column, they will show the information on the “Mapped” tab.  It normally can distinguish the email and phone number easily.  If it can’t tell what the data is, it will place the information on the “Action Needed” tab.  Then, you’ll need to go to that tab and ID the columns for Facebook.

Once the columns that you want the data from are mapped, click on the “Import and Create” button.


This creates the list and gives you confirmation, as seen below:


Click “Done” and it returns you to the main audience page.

You now have a custom audience of your clients to use when running Facebook Ads.

You can also watch our step-by-step video on how to create this audience.

Facebook Audience Two – Your Prospects

The second most valuable list that your company owns is your list of prospects.  This is the list of people that you have interacted with before but haven’t quite been able to convert them to clients.  They could also be clients that you lost, but think that you could win back.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your helpful information in front of them in a casual way?  

Facebook Ads help you put social proof and videos that show off your knowledge depth right in the feed of your prospects!

To make an informed purchase choice, your potential customers often need to see and hear from you many times.  In fact, a 2011 study from Google found that a buyer needs 7 hours of interaction across 11 touch points in 4 locations.  Advertising to your prospects with engaging video ads is a great way to accomplish this.

To create this custom audience, you will follow the exact same steps that you took in the “Facebook Audience One – Your Clients” section with two exceptions – instead of creating a .csv file of your clients, you will create a .csv file of your prospects.  Again, remember that this list needs to have at least 100 people.

The other difference is that you’ll need to name this audience “Prospect List for Company X” (or something similar.

Again, depending upon your CRM and/or mail automation program, you should be able to easily export this information.

Facebook Audience Three – Your Clients “Lookalike”

You’ve now made an audience that contains your clients and an audience that contains your prospects.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could find other people to advertise to who are similar to your current consumers?

You can now with a “Lookalike Audience” from Facebook.

So, what is a Lookalike Audience?

Facebook defines it as:

A lookalike audience uses an existing Custom Audience you select for its source audience. To create a lookalike audience, our system leverages information such as demographics, interests and behaviors from your source audience to find new people who share similar qualities. When you use a lookalike audience, your ad is delivered to that audience of people who are similar to (or “look like”) your existing customers.

When you create your lookalike audience, you can use a percent range to choose how closely you want your new audience to match your source audience. The size you choose depends on your goals. Smaller percentages more closely match your source audience, but larger percentages create a bigger, broader audience.

Now, let’s create a lookalike audience for your clients.

Step 1 – Open The Facebook Audience Tool

Go to for your company.  In the menu, go to “All Tools” and select the “Audiences” option.


Once you click on “Audiences”, it will open the “Audience” tool in a new tab on your browser.  This will display the 2 audiences that you have created already.

Step 2 – Select the Lookalike Audience

Click the “Create Audience” button on the left to get started.


In the drop-down, select the “Lookalike Audience” option.


Step 3 – Create the Lookalike Audience

It will ask you to select your lookalike audience.  This is where you will choose the “Client List for Company X” that you just created.

Then, you will need to choose a location for the audience.  You will want to enter the country that you are targeting.

We recommend keeping the percentage at one, as you get a more honed-in audience that is similar to your clients.

Finally, click “Create Audience” to complete the process.


Facebook Audience Four – Your Prospects “Lookalike”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find other people to advertise to who are similar to your current prospects as well?

Again, you can do this using the “Lookalike Audience” functionality offered by Facebook.

To create this lookalike audience, you will follow the exact same steps that you took in the “Facebook Audience Three – Your Clients Lookalike” section, with one exception – instead of selecting the “Client List for Company X”, you will select the “Prospect List for Company X”.

Following this process will give you a set of people to advertise to that are similar in many ways to your prospects! Start by getting them to know, like and trust you with videos and other helpful information.

Facebook Audience Five – People That Have Engaged With Your Page

Engagement is a key factor when you look at any paid ad or organic post on Facebook.  “Engaging” actions can include a like, a reaction, a comment and more.  It’s basically the label for when someone takes an action with your post or ad.  

It stands to reason that if someone has taken the time to engage with your content, it would make sense to put more of your paid content (with calls to action) in front of them, right?  

This is where Audience Five, the people who have engaged with your page, comes in. 

Let’s create this audience!

Step 1 – Open The Facebook Audience Tool

Go to for your company.  In the menu, go to “All Tools” and select the “Audiences” option.


Once you click on “Audiences”, it will open the “Audience” tool in a new tab on your browser.  This will display the audiences that you have created already. 

Step 2 – Select the Custom Audience Type

Click the “Create Audience” button on the left to get started.


In the drop-down, select the “Custom Audience” option.


Once “Custom Audience” is selected, this will open a new dialog box.  This box will allow you to choose the source of the custom audience.  In this case, you’ll select “Facebook Page” and click “Next”.

Step 3 – Select the Criteria

Make sure that your Facebook page is selected, as shown below.

Then, choose the option “Everyone who engaged with your Page” with a retention of 180 days.  Some companies will recommend a year, but 180 days is the maximum that we recommend. 

Add a descriptive name for this audience, like “People who have engaged with my page”.  Facebook also gives you a “Description” field if you want to expand on the title.  You may want to put the retention amount in here for reference.


Once all your fields are filled out, click on the “Create Audience” button.

Facebook will create the audience, then give you a confirmation message.  Click “Done” and you’ll be returned to the main “Audience” page.

Facebook Audience Six – People That Have Been On Your Website Via The Facebook Pixel

Showing ads to people that have been on your website already is the core tenet of what marketers call “Remarketing”.  This is essential for a successful marketing plan.

In fact, studies show that only 3% of buyers are ready to act at any given time.  This is why remarketing is so important.  It allows you to put your business in front of potential buyers multiple times so you can progress the relationship by building trust.

One way to know who has visited your website is via the Facebook Pixel.  This is a tracking cookie provided by Facebook.  If you don’t have your Facebook Pixel installed, follow these instructions from Facebook to successfully set it up.

Now, there are a few exceptions to this rule.  

Due to a privacy debate between Apple and Facebook,  the people typically not tracked are on iOS devices.  They actually have to opt-in to being tracked via the app.  Less than 10% of these users have done so.

The other exception is that a person could have assorted browser privacy settings on, which would disallow tracking on their computer.  

Despite these exceptions, you can still have a decently sized audience based on the data from the Facebook Pixel.

Let’s create this audience!

Step 1 – Open The Facebook Audience Tool

Go to for your company.  In the menu, go to “All Tools” and select the “Audiences” option.


Once you click on “Audiences”, it will open the “Audience” tool in a new tab on your browser.  This will display the audiences that you have created already.

Step 2 – Select the Custom Audience Type

Click the “Create Audience” button on the left to get started.


In the drop-down, select the “Custom Audience” option.


Once “Custom Audience” is selected, this will open a new dialog box.  This box will allow you to choose the source of the custom audience.  In this case, you’ll select “Website” and click “Next”.


Step 3 – Select the Custom Audience Pixel Criteria

You’ll be given a selection of the Pixels that you have access to.  Choose the Pixel that is installed on your website.

Under “Events”, you have a few choices.  You can choose people that have been on any page of your website.  You can also specify exact pages or URLs that contain certain words.  Another option is selecting users by time spent.

In this example, we are just going to target anyone that has visited our website before.

Again, you can select the “Retention”, which is how far back in time you want the list to remember people.  We recommend anywhere between 30-180 days, depending upon what your business does.  With higher-priced items and services, a longer retention may help you convince the people that take a while to research.

Obviously, we can get more detailed in the targeting by adding more criteria with the “Include More People” button, but we will cover that in future articles.

Fill in your “Audience Name” and the “Description”, then click the “Create Audience” button.


Facebook will create the audience and give you a confirmation message.  Click “Done” to complete the process.

Facebook Audience Seven – People That Have Watched Specific Facebook Videos

This audience will help you pick up some of the people that you lost to the iOS security updates.  Because you can’t track them with the Pixel, you need to have a way to track them on Facebook.

“Video Watches” is the perfect stat for this!  Facebook tracks who watches every video that you advertise and for how long they watch.

Create a video, or set of videos, that ONLY your ideal client would watch.  Make it very specific to the problems/pain points that they have, then advertise it with a goal of “Video Views” to a broad audience in your service area.  We suggest running these ads at $5-$10 per day.  At the end of 2 weeks, you should have an excellent set of people to retarget.

Let’s create the last audience!

Step 1 – Open The Facebook Audience Tool

Go to for your company.  In the menu, go to “All Tools” and select the “Audiences” option.


Once you click on “Audiences”, it will open the “Audience” tool in a new tab on your browser.  This will display the audiences that you have created already. 

Step 2 – Select the Custom Audience Type

Click the “Create Audience” button on the left to get started.


In the drop-down, select the “Custom Audience” option.


Once “Custom Audience” is selected, this will open a new dialog box.  This box will allow you to choose the source of the custom audience.  In this case, you’ll select “Video” and click “Next”.


Step 3 – Select the Custom Audience Criteria

In this next step, you’ll need to choose what percentage or length of time people must spend watching your video.  25% tends to be a good metric to choose.  No one is going to watch over one-fourth of a video about something that they aren’t really interested in.  

So, in the dropdown, select the “People who have watched 25% of your video” option.  Again, we recommend the Retention between 30-180 days.  

Add the “Audience Name” and “Description” as well.


The last step is to choose the video (or set of videos) that you used to target your ideal client.  Click the “Choose videos” link.

You can select videos from your Facebook page or your Facebook ads.  To see all of your videos, you will need to change the “Video Source” dropdown in the upper left.

Select the videos that you used to target your ideal client.  They should show in the right side-column once selected.


Once you have your videos chosen, click “Confirm”.

This takes you back to the “Create Video Engagement Custom Audience” screen, where you have filled out everything else.  Click the “Create Audience” button.

Facebook will create the audience, then give you a confirmation message.  Click “Done” and you’ll be returned to the main “Audience” page.

Go Get Started Creating Your New Facebook Audiences For 2022

You now have everything you need in this guide to create the best audiences for your business to advertise to in 2022!  Don’t settle for less than stellar Facebook Ads results.

Want some help?

If you have any questions about the information in this blog or need help getting started, contact IFTS today for a free consultation.  Call 412-715-6266 or send an email to

Let’s Use Instagram to Market Your Business

Have you been looking at all of the social media platforms and wondering…

Why should I use Instagram to grow my local business?

If so, this article is for you!

Instagram is more than just another social media network; it can be an extremely effective marketing tool for small companies.

With over one billion users checking their feeds on a regular basis, Instagram is an excellent choice for anybody trying to increase their visibility and web presence.  Not only that, but most people spend almost an hour every day on this platform.

So, why Instagram?

Reason 1 – It’s Easier Than Ever To Run A Successful Ad Campaign For Your Business On Instagram

Most companies use advertising to promote their goods and services.  Instagram allows them to do it in a very targeted manner. To avoid “shooting blanks” with generic advertisements, you can target the exact right demographic as a local company owner.

Get your business in front of the individuals who are most likely to make a purchase by using Instagram to your advantage. To take advantage of Instagram’s fast sales funnel, create a business profile now.

Reason 2 – Instagram Allows You To Keep In Touch With Your Followers

It’s critical to establish a personal connection with your audience, and Instagram gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Telling a compelling tale is a terrific approach to connect with your audience in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. It’s time to get with the times and take advantage of the benefits Instagram has to offer in terms of connecting with your audience.

Give your clients and prospects a behind-the-scenes look at your company with short videos or images.  Let them put a face to your company’s name!

Reason 3 – Instagram Is A Great Way To Get To Know Your Consumers

Instagram gives you the ability to grow your audience naturally. As a result, you won’t have to spend money on advertising to expand your audience.

You may get to know and interact with your Instagram followers on a regular basis. Use the platform to spark conversations and ask your followers to participate. As a result of this, companies can keep tabs on mentions of their brand and learn more about what consumers are saying about their products and services.  

Get your clients’ opinions and find out what they really think of your brand!

Reason 4 – Instagram Can Help Increase Your Sales

Your ultimate marketing goal should be to expand your audience and increase your revenues at the same time. You’ll have a better chance of reaching your objectives if you’re present where your consumers are.

Think about it: With 500 million daily active users, you have a chance to connect with your potential consumers and motivate them to make a purchase on Instagram from you every day!

Reason 5 – Keep Tabs On Your Competitors Using Instagram

If your competitors use Instagram to market their business, you should too!

Keeping an eye on your competitors is easier if you’re on social media. Discovering the growth strategies of your rivals may teach you about industry best practices and aid in the development of your own unique marketing plan to attract new clients.

Make sure not to copy, but to learn from their lessons.

Do You Need Help Marketing Your Business On Instagram?

IFTS has helped a lot of companies boost their sales using Instagram and other social media platforms.  Let us help you too!  Call 412.715.6266 or email to get started!

An Unexpected Twist – Using Pinterest to Market Your Local Business

Have you thought about using Pinterest to market your local business?

Or, have you tried using Pinterest to no avail?

Local companies need to start using Pinterest to their advantage! It’s not just for DIY projects or party ideas anymore.

This social media powerhouse has the ability to make a marketing campaign a success because of its 440+ million active members.  Targeting moms?  80% of US moms are on Pinterest!

Find out how you can utilize Pinterest to boost your company’s bottom line and reach more clients by reading on…

First, Create A Profile In Pinterest That POPS!

Creating and optimizing a corporate Pinterest account is possible despite the fact that personal accounts on Pinterest are minimal.

Be sure to register your account on Pinterest as a business.

Fill in your data and personalize your account to make your business stand out. Before continuing, be sure to add and validate your website address.  This way, you also get a backlink for SEO purposes.

Create Your Pinterest Boards & Start Pinning

When it comes to Pinterest success, establishing and personalizing your boards is the first step towards success. Brainstorm your clients’ interests and create boards that would attract their searches.

Sharing and organizing your material on Pinterest is all about managing your pins and boards. You want to curate content that you think your customers and prospects would love. The sooner you have your boards up and running, the sooner you can start pinning your material regularly.

Make The Most Of Pinterest’s Aesthetic Appeal By Focusing On High-Quality Images

Visually showcasing your products/services and your brand is an important part of Pinterest marketing success.

You can get the most out of your Pinterest account if you provide high-quality Pins and updates that your followers will like. Impressing your audience is the best way to transform this social media platform into a valuable friend.

Don’t Forget That Pinterest Is A SOCIAL Platform

Genuine human connections are the cornerstone of establishing trust with your customers. Engage with your followers if you want people to engage with your Pins.

On Pinterest, you can quickly “socialize” by following other companies in your niche (or complementary niches) and like/re-pin content that is relevant to your industry. Engage with your audience on a regular basis by posting to discussion boards and participating in polls whenever feasible.

Get Ahead Of Your Competition Using Pinterest Marketing

Make sure your Pinterest marketing approach has a solid foundation if you want to outshine the competition.

What sort of content performs best on the platform may be learned via Pinterest Analytics. Look at the most popular Pins and make adjustments to them to see if you can get better results.  Try using jargon that your clients would expect of someone “in the know” about your niche.

Increase The Number Of People Who See Your Best Pins On Pinterest By Promoting Them

Joining Pinterest and using it to promote your company is a smart move! However, if you’re serious about increasing your company’s visibility, you should think about running a Pinterest marketing campaign.

It’s possible that Pinterest is a great fit for your business if you’re wanting to expand your reach and connect with new clients. 

Want To Get Started Using Pinterest To Market Your Business?

Contact IFTS now at 412-715-6266 to learn how to use Pinterest to build up your local company right away!

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media Marketing For Your Local Business

Social media marketing web

It is amazing how many new clients and prospects you will find in your neighborhood by using social media to promote your local business!

On a daily basis, millions of individuals use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. There is a good chance that your potential customers are already “friends” with your competition on social media.  Make sure that you aren’t missing out! It’s impossible for people to realize your business exists unless you’re engaged on social media. It’s critical to have a strong online presence in order to interact with more prospective customers and expand your business in today’s social media era.

Reason To Be On Social Media #1 – Social Media Marketing Is Quick, Affordable and Effective

Using social media to promote your local business on a tight budget is a great option! It’s easy to use, can run ads for as little as $3/day and has great local targeting abilities. You can start advertising your business right now by creating a free business profile. Using the right techniques, social media marketing will bring in more local leads, increase website traffic, and boost revenue.

Reason To Be On Social Media #2 – Social Media Posts and Videos Helps You Create Client Trust For Your Brand

Every single day, millions of individuals throughout the world engage in social media activities. You can create genuine relationships with your fans on social media because of this. Increasing your brand’s visibility and establishing trust with your consumers has never been easier. 

People like to do business with people, so put a face to your business name on social media.  Use this space to give your clients a glimpse behind the scenes at your company.  It’s a solid opportunity to humanize the brand.

Reason To Be On Social Media #3 – Social Media Marketing Helps Promote Your Local Business (And Sales)

You will greatly enhance your click-through rate, your website’s traffic, and your revenues with intriguing posts and videos on your online properties. If you have a product or service that you want to advertise locally, you may simply do it with the help of social media and social sales tools, which are always evolving.  Another great place to do this is your Google My Business Profile.

Reason To Be On Social Media #4 – It’s Easy To Learn LOTS Of Information About Your Clients on Social Media

It’s simple to discover more about your consumers because the information is so accessible on these platforms.

How well-versed are you in the demographics of your target market?

Businesses can learn a lot about their clients by using social media insights and other third-party tools. When you introduce a new local service or product, you can leverage the knowledge you’ve gathered about your target market to design compelling ads.

Reason To Be On Social Media #5 – You Can Easily (And Cheaply) Narrow The Scope Of Your Ads To Your Ideal Audience

Use social media marketing for precise audience targeting.  You will find that most platforms have ads that are fairly inexpensive, which will allow local businesses to compete with the “big dogs” as well. In addition, social media sites provide real-time insights into the performance of your campaigns, allowing you to continually improve your advertising based on real-time information.

Reason To Be On Social Media #6 – You Can Easily Spy On Your Competitors

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer! Local companies may easily “spy” on their competition using social media.  You can see available ads, targeted keywords and more!

Keeping tabs on the competition is easier than ever before thanks to social media. Learn from your rivals’ marketing strategies so you can tailor your own plan to reach more customers.

Want Some Help?

If you want to start marketing your company online, but aren’t sure where to start, let us help!  Call IFTS today at 412.715.6266 or email us at

Use Facebook Marketing to Promote Your Local Business Today: 4 Reasons Why

Marketing your business on Facebook

Have you ever considered promoting your local business on Facebook using ads or organic posts?

Being active on Facebook may help your business grow by establishing a strong brand and attracting new clients. To be successful in today’s business world, you must have an online presence. If you aren’t making use of Facebook to its full potential, you may be losing out on the advantages that come with social media marketing.

You should be on Facebook if your target market is (and your target market is on it). 

Here’s why every small business in your area needs a Facebook marketing plan right now!

1. Facebook is where millions of individuals throughout the world “hang out” every day

Considering that so many people use Facebook on a daily basis, you never know who your next client may be!

Facebook is the best place to be if you want to raise awareness about your brand. People are more inclined to buy from you if they know you have a good reputation. You may quickly and easily create a profile for your company and begin advertising your goods and services immediately. 

You can advertise your company for free on the platform if you engage with your followers and establish a community around your brand, or you can do it for a cost by purchasing Facebook ads.

2. Facebook advertising is a simple and effective way to market your business

Investing in ads that may or may not be viewed by your intended audience is a time-honored method of marketing. 

Facebook has never been like this.

Due to Facebook’s extremely honed-in targeting capabilities, company owners may pinpoint their ideal customer down to the last last detail. As a result, you may target a certain audience with your adverts. 

Facebook Ads are an effective marketing strategy that you should use if you want your business to expand. They are also a low-cost option. For as little as $5 a day, your ad may reach 1,000 people or even more. Your website traffic and revenues may increase as well.

Here are 9 reasons to start investing in Facebook ads for your business today!

3. Your ideal consumers are on Facebook

Use Facebook’s built-in statistics to see how well your page is performing for free.

Maintaining a Facebook page for your local business has yet another significant advantage. Businesses can now identify exactly who their prospective customers are thanks to the social media platform. 


Facebook “serves” you user information every time they connect with your brand. With the aid of the platform, you can track the effectiveness of your social media marketing initiatives and make adjustments for the future.

4. Facebook is already being used by your rivals to advertise their business

If you’re still unsure about joining Facebook immediately, realize that your competition is probably already there.

Take action now and don’t allow your competitors steal your thunder. You should join Facebook!

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Should You Use Instagram For Marketing Your Business?

using instagram to promote business

A question that a lot of business owners are asking themselves right now is:

“Will Instagram work for marketing my business?”

And the answer is a resounding YES!

For companies and influencers alike, Instagram has evolved from a simple social media network in only a few short years since its debut in 2010.

Instagram’s popularity has only just begun. Despite this, the site is constantly expanding, as seen by the millions of active users that visit it every day.

Instagram is a great tool for companies wanting to increase their visibility and improve their web presence. Like other social media platforms, this one will be a perfect fit for your marketing efforts.

Entrepreneurs (like yourself) from all around the world should think about joining the Instagram revolution.

If you don’t, here’s what you’ll be missing:

1 – You can use Instagram to advertise your business and generate more sales

The main goal of your marketing activities is to expand your customer base and increase your revenue. How else can you get what you want if you’re not present where your consumers are?

Is Instagram worth your time? Of course. 

Statistics reveal that more than 30% of the 500 million daily active users have made a transaction on the Instagram app.  Get in on that action!

2 – You can develop and track effective advertising strategies for your company

Use Instagram to advertise your business since it allows you to build highly targeted ad campaigns. You may market your products and services to individuals based on age, hobbies, behavior, location and more!

This social media platform may help you get your business in front of individuals who are more likely to make a purchase than if you were to rely on ‘spray and pray’ marketing. Use your ideal client as a guide to targeting your ad campaigns.

Some of Instagram’s targeting features aren’t even available on other social media sites. Think about getting social on Instagram now to take advantage of the chance to use this effective sales channel.

3 – Connect with your audience by telling your unique story

Instagram is a photo-sharing app where you can show the world your life. Despite the fact that it may not seem significant from a business standpoint, remember that presenting a compelling narrative is a wonderful approach to connect emotionally with your audience.

It’s critical to build strong customer relationships, and Instagram gives you a platform to show your followers what your company is all about.

Create a business account on Instagram and take advantage of all the features it has to offer if you want to remain in touch with your followers (and gain new ones along the way).

4 – Get personal with your clients and get their feedback

Instagram gives you the option of naturally growing your following. This means that you may expand your customer base without spending a ton of money on advertising. As a result of this and other factors, Instagram’s average engagement rate is higher than that of other social media networks.

Instagram is a great platform for getting to know your fans and having meaningful conversations with them. Using Instagram to create discussions and encourage your followers to engage in is a great way to get your message out there. This approach makes it simple for companies to keep tabs on brand references.

If you want to discover what your consumers enjoy and hate, Instagram is an excellent resource. Start interacting with your fans on Instagram immediately and don’t miss out on the possibility to collect important feedback!

5 – Keep a watchful eye on your competitors

Even if you haven’t opened an Instagram account yet, your competitors probably have, so keep an eye out.

Why shouldn’t you use Instagram marketing if your competitors are? 

Additionally, being active on Instagram allows you to maintain tabs on your competition and learn what works and doesn’t for them.  Look at:

  • Materials being published
  • Frequency of posts
  • Posting times
  • Updates
  • Stories

Using all of this knowledge, you may learn about some of the industry’s best practices and develop your own unique marketing plan to reach new consumers.

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Advertising on Facebook: 9 Reasons To Start Investing In Facebook Ads For Your Business Today

Why should you advertise on Facebook?

Is advertising on Facebook actually effective, or is it simply a fad?  

Many people will talk about negative experiences they have had with Facebook Ads, but many times, they aren’t implementing ad strategies correctly. 

Pay-per-click advertising may be quite beneficial if you’re serious about marketing your company and attracting new clients. If you don’t invest in Facebook Ads for your business, you may be losing out on the numerous benefits your brand may get from social media marketing today. This is because there are 2.89 billion people on Facebook.  Trust us, your ideal clients are on there.

It’s important to be on Facebook if you want to promote your business and grow your brand.

Failing to take full advantage of Facebook advertising may prove to be a costly oversight.

Here are nine compelling reasons why every company should start a Facebook Ad Campaign right away:

1 – Your target market is already on Facebook

Millions of individuals use Facebook on a daily basis with many checking their news feeds several times a day. In fact, the average person spends 33 minutes per day on Facebook.  

If a significant portion of your target market is active on Facebook regularly, you have a great opportunity to expand your client base by advertising on Facebook.

2 – Facebook has very specific targeting capabilities

Paying for advertising that may or may not be viewed by your target demographic is a time-honored method of marketing your brand. Facebook has never been like that, which is good for you!

Social media networks like this allow business owners to target a very specific audience. You can target by location, age, likes, dislikes, home value, places you’ve been and much more!

As a result, Facebook Ads are an effective marketing tool that you should use to further your company’s success.

3 – Facebook Ads tend to cost less

Do you have any idea how much it costs to advertise on Facebook? You can advertise for as little as $1 a day and have your ad seen by as many as 1,000 people!

If you used to spend a lot of money on radio or billboard advertisements, you may now reach your target market for a lot less money.

4 – Facebook Ads Are Quick And Easy To Create

Often, advertising on social media yields quick results. To begin contacting thousands of individuals, just create a campaign that targets your ideal client and choose a spend amount.

Facebook Ads are an excellent choice if you want to reach more customers and grow your sales quickly.

5 – Ads on Facebook Can Increase Your Website Traffic (and Brand Awareness)

Facebook advertising easily boosts the visibility of your business and number of visitors to your website.  It is a great way to raise awareness about your company or product. 

People are more inclined to buy from you if they know you have a good reputation.  Be sure to showcase your reviews or testimonials using posts or ads. Here are 10 proven ways to get more positive online reviews for your business.

6 – It’s Easy To Judge The Efficacy Of Your Ads

Facebook advertising campaigns can easily be measured and compared.  This is great news because you can figure out which approach is working best.

There’s no speculating once you’ve placed a Facebook ad. You’ll be able to see how many people have seen your ad, clicked on it, and converted as a result. Using the platform, you’ll have access to a wealth of information that will help you gauge the success of your campaigns and make the next one even better.

7 – Facebook Ads Can Help You Quickly and Cheaply Test New Markets

Facebook is a great way to begin testing a new market! Offering your customers something new can sometimes result in a costly mistake. An affordable approach to discover if your fresh concept is a hit is to run a Facebook advertising campaign. At your own speed and on a budget, you may explore a new market.

8 – You Can Tweak And Perfect Your Campaigns In Real Time

Is the return on your advertising effort underwhelming? 

That’s okay…make a change! You can adjust your Facebook advertisements in real time.

If you’re not satisfied with the campaign’s performance, you may immediately make changes to your ads. Other media types, like radio or TV, don’t allow for this kind of customization.

9 – Your Competition Is Already Running Ads On Facebook

There is one last benefit to consider before investing in a Facebook Ad campaign today; your competitors are already purchasing advertising on the social media platform.

Take action and don’t allow your competitors to steal your thunder!

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Your Small Business Should Use Social Media To Market Your Services: 11 Reasons Why

Have you ever heard that your business doesn’t exist if it isn’t on Facebook?

This is because your clients may already be “friends” with your rivals if they utilize social media to follow other companies.

When it comes to reaching new clients and prospects, social media marketing is an extremely effective method! If you aren’t on social media, no one will know about your company. How could they?

In another post, we share 5 social media marketing secrets that nobody has told you about…

With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, companies can communicate directly with their customers. If you aren’t doing this, you’re losing out on key opportunities.

Social media attracting customers

Local companies should always have social media campaigns as part of their marketing plans. Making and distributing content on social media sites will assist you in achieving your marketing and branding objectives quickly.

Using paid social media advertising in conjunction with regularly posting updates, videos, and other material to engage your audience will help you reach more prospective customers, build loyal brand supporters, and increase sales.

To connect, engage, and develop your business, here are 11 reasons why you should work on your social media presence:

1. Speed

Using social media to market your business is a quick and easy way to get your message out there. You can start promoting your business in minutes after creating your profile.

2. Price

Because of the low cost of social media campaigns, you have more control over your advertising budget and may expand your social media presence at a rate that is right for you.

3. Effectiveness

To contact your target customers and construct a successful marketing campaign, you need to use multiple social media channels.

4. Brand Awareness

Social media is used by millions of individuals every day all over the world. Consider social media marketing as a surefire technique to raise exposure of your brand.

5. Relationship Development

General marketing methods do not “talk” to the client in any meaningful way. You can, however, develop genuine relationships with your potential clients by connecting with them on social media.

6. Trust Building

Customers are more likely to believe in your brand when you use social media to build trust with them. Successful social media campaigns should help you become a leader in your market.

7. Website Traffic

Making your social media updates engaging will raise your click through rate and drive more attention to your website, increasing sales.

8. More Leads

To produce more leads, you’ll need social media marketing. With social media marketing, it’s easy to run free social media campaigns or pay for advertising.

9. Content Promotion

You should make use of the social media channels to spread the word about your work. If you’re doing content marketing well, you should use social media to get the word out about your products and services.

10. Involved Followers

Increase the link you have with your fans by getting them engaged in your initiatives. Your followers will become more engaged if you just ask them what they want.

11. Spy on Your Competition

Spying on your competition is a cinch with social media. Don’t let your guard down whether it comes to your friends or foes. With social media, it’s simple to monitor your competition on multiple platforms.

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